Starry Night Skirt Photo-essay

Hello friends.

I wrote a blog post on Minerva Crafts about this skirt.

71840614_485751278686239_4234592747446599680_nPicture 10.jpgIf you want to read how I made it click here!

But I like progress shots, and I didn’t get to include these, so take a gander if you please.

Picture 42


Hanging the skirt overnight so the bias stretches out and I can even out the hem.

Picture 43.jpeg

Creating the pockets for the battery packs.


Picture 5.jpeg

Picture 6.jpeg

Marking where the ribbons will be placed.

Picture 44.jpeg



Picture 7

Creating the waist facing.


Picture 8.jpeg

Trying to sew the two layers together and failing.

Picture 11

The back.

Picture 40

Pretending like I can do ballet.

Picture 13


Picture 16

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