Every single free pattern I know

Hello cheapskates, and welcome to my by-no-means-comprehensive list of free sewing patterns on the internet. Over the years every time I come across a free sewing pattern I save it, and it turns out I’ve accumulated quite a few. 

As a general rule, these free sewing patterns are little advertisements for sewing companies, so you get to see how good their patterns are before you buy. But there are so many patterns out there by now that you could sew a whole new wardrobe one and a half times before running out of patterns. 

I have not made most of these patterns, and so I cannot speak to their quality. However, the patterns I have used I will review. I will also note down important information, e.g. only comes in one size, no instructions. If you have used them and want to let me know how it went, send me a message! And if you know of any free patterns I’ve missed let me know. 

Last tip, a lot of pattern companies will give out free patterns once a year or so, so it’s worth following pattern companies on social media, or signing up for their newsletter to take advantage of this. 

Update March 2020: Unfortunately 2020 has been an awful year so far, but some people are wonderful. I have added a new category (Part 4: Sewing for a cause) which encompasses sewing patterns you can make for charity.

Peppermint Jumpsuit

I have split this blog into several parts:

Part 1: Free pattern websites

These are websites which provide quite a few sewing patterns, and so I won’t be including their patterns in the main list (because then this list would be 10 times as long).

Part 2: Free patterns by type

These are individual patterns which I have split into type, e.g. tops, skirts, dresses.

Part 3: Sewing videos

These might not be sewing patterns, they are sewing tutorials, so you can still use them to make stuff. 

Part 4: Sewing for a cause

These are patterns which you can make and donate to the original organising groups or similar charities.

And without further ado:

Part 1: Free pattern websites

Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint Magazine is an Australian magazine which looks at style and sustainability and which offers free patterns on it’s website. Peppermint Magazine collaborates with pattern designers to provide the patterns. I have made two patterns so far, the Spring Shorts and the Boxy top both of which were designed by Pattern Runway. While I had no issues with the instructions and pattern designs, I discovered that neither pattern is my style and I won’t be making these again. But I would definitely recommend trying them out. 

However, since issue 30, pattern company In The Folds has since taken over the mantle. I have seen many sewers on Instagram making and loving these patterns, including Jasika Nicole with the Peppermint jumpsuit.  And during the course of completing this post I made my own!

Peppermint Jumpsuit


Mood is a famous fabric shop in New York, which you might recognise if you’ve ever watched Project Runway. They have been offering free sewing patterns for a few years now, and pump them out with prodigious regularity. When they first started producing them I had a look at quite a few. I thought that the instructions were quite sparse and definitely assumed a lot of prior knowledge. 

Almond Bodysuit

The only pattern I have attempted is the Atlas Cosplay coat, based on Daenerys’ coat in season 7 of Game of Thrones. I started with practice fabric, and I spent about a week sewing, unpicking, resewing, wondering why it looked weird, and then unpicking again, before my dad suggested maybe this wasn’t the best coat to start with. The instructions are very sparse, and the pattern pieces didn’t have a lot of markings on them. I wouldn’t recommend this particular pattern to anyone looking to make a coat for the first time. However, I haven’t tried any of the other patterns and the instructions and patterns might have improved since then. Therefore I would hesitantly recommend these patterns to experienced sewers, and to make a toile first. 

Atlas coat
Atlas Cosplay Coat

Sew Vera Venus

This is vintage sewing blog has produced a few for-sale patterns, and quite a few free patterns for styles from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Please note that not all patterns come with instructions, or in multiple sizes.

1940’s Style Mini Cape

Ralph Pink

This website offers a free custom-fitting basic sewing blocks and slopers, as well as how-to videos, free sewing patterns and premium sewing patterns. 

The free patterns include basic blocks, swimwear, corsets and miscellaneous patterns. I have not used this pattern designer, so I cannot comment on the designs. However, all patterns come in one size, and don’t have instructions. Therefore I would only recommend these patterns for an experienced sewer. 


This website allows you to punch in your body measurements and produces a pattern which is perfectly tailored to your body, for free! It also has a lot of men’s patterns, which is great because there are so few sources of men’s patterns, yet alone free patterns. 

Sew in Love

DIY Ruffle Lace Dress

Sew in Love focuses on easy patterns, hacks and Japanese patterns. To receive the free patterns you need to sign up to her newsletter.

Purl Soho

Clean + Simple Baby Dress

Purl Soho is a shop selling fiber craft materials such as yarn and fabric. They have a great range of baby, homeware and women’s patterns for sewers,  knitters and all sorts of makers.

Love Sewing Magazine

Start at the Top Simple Blouse

This UK based sewing magazine requires you to register to access hundreds of sewing patterns with instructions. It also has free sewing patterns with instructions in the accompanying magazine, which you would have to buy. You may or may not need instructions depending on your sewing level, but it’s just something to remember.


This store offers free patterns for registered customers. The patterns look to be designed with the speciality of the store – linen- in mind.

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 12.34.49 pm.png
Ines V-neck Top

Do It Better Yourself Club

Another sewing pattern company offering some free patterns. They have a few nice basics such as t-shirt patterns for men, women and children, as well as a few interesting items like this makeup brush carrying case.

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 1.39.03 pm.png
Makeup Brush Carrying Case

So Sew Easy

This blog features free patterns, as well as round ups of free patterns or tutorials to make specific clothing types, e.g. 30+ Free Peplum Top Sewing Patterns.  Apparently they have gathered thousands of patterns, so I’m wondering why I’m doing this, but we’re already here so I’ll keep going.

The Sweatpants

Sew Your TV

Another website which specialises in compiling free sewing patterns!

Jackie Shift Dress

Elle Apparel 

Elle Apparel makes tutorials for lots of pretty women’s clothes.

Red Swing Tassel Dress

Closet Case Patterns

An indie pattern company which has produced many well-reviewed patterns. In the freebie section they also have a few free patterns, for things like shoulder-pads and resuable produce bags.

Reusable Produce Bags

Patterns for Pirates

This pattern company specialises in maternity and matching mother and child patterns. Cute!

Rebecca Page 

This pattern company has quite a few free patterns on their website, with everything from vintage dresses to pattern weights and cute pillows.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.47.30 pm.png
Dino Dragon Pillow

The Great British Sewing Bee 

The Great British Sewing Bee is a competitive sewing television series (it’s a good watch). They’ve released a few books, but I can’t find too much info as to which book these patterns come from. These patterns don’t come with instructions.

The Great British Sewing Bee Book

Fancy Tiger Crafts

This website offers free patterns for many different crafts including embroidery, knitting and quilting.

Quinn Cozy

Oliver + S

This website has a lot of children’s and quilting patterns, as well as a few fun crafty options, like applique.

Raw-edge House Applique

peek-a-boo Patterns

This website has lots of children’s patterns as well as clothing patterns for dolls. You’ll need to join their Facebook group or subscribe to the newsletter.

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 1.01.07 pm
Doll Swimsuit & Leotard

Art Gallery Fabrics

AGF specialises in quilting fabrics, and so it has lots of free quilting patterns, but don’t worry, they also have lots of other free patterns, such as for bags and pillows!

Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 2.18.34 pm

5 out of 4 Patterns

This pattern website offers a lot of free and different patterns, such as pyjama pants (which in my opinion should be the first thing anyone sews), leggings and Christmas decorations.

DIY Daisy

DIY Daisy’s blog is full of bright colours, tutorials and hacks. She has some great, easy DIY tutorials and patterns for skirts and wrap tops.


Part 2: Free patterns by type


Ida clutch by Kylie and the Machine – pattern and instructions

Hip pouch by Daisy Jane – This pattern is complex enough to be fun but not frustrating, and it doesn’t use much fabric!

Pipa the Pouch by Sewing Patterns by Massin

Sparrow Market Tote by Common Stitch

The Madrid Tote by Victory Patterns – You’ll need to subscribe to their newsletter

Full Moon Bag by All Well Workshop – This pattern comes in two sizes, but you need to subscribe to the newsletter

Fanny Pack by Anda Corrie, hosted by Spoonflower

The Micropurse by Sew House Seven 


Wrap Skirt by Lila & June

Veronika skirt by Megan Nielsen – You’ll need to sign up to the newsletter.

Annie A-line skirt and Dirndle skirt both by Sew this Pattern

Lindy Petal Skirt by Itch to Stitch

Lawley Skirt by Elbe Textiles

Justine Skirt by Ready to Sew

Picnic Skirt by Gertie’s World – this is a video tutorial which doesn’t use a pattern, instead it is made to your measurements!


Jimmy Shorts

Jimmy Shorts by Fine Motor Skills


Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions Sewing Patterns, LLC – You need to join the Facebook group. There are also a few patterns for doll clothes and for children.

Copen Top & Dress by Made to Sew

Mary Quant Style Minidress and Mary Quant ‘Georgie’ Dress by Alice & Co. Patterns for V&A

The Orla Dress by French Navy – I have made one Orla dress, and while it was quite simple to make, it wasn’t my style and I don’t have any photos.

Valley knit skater dress by Sinclair Patterns


Elliot Front Tie Top and Twisty Crop Top both by Cool Stitches

Tania top by Simple Sew Patterns

Kirissa Crop Top by Amy Nicole Studio 

The Drop Sleeve Top by The Avid Seamstress

The Stellan Tee by French Navy

Cropped t-shirt by Little Pomegranate – Little Pomegranate also has some cute crochet animal patterns and a baby mobile on her blog!

Sage Tee by Elbe Textiles 

Plantain Top by Deer & Doe

Sorbetto Top by Colette

Mandy Boat Tee and Monroe Turtleneck by Tessuti

Zoe Top and Our Fave Top by Tessuti

Lago Tank and Uvita Top by Itch to Stitch

Hot Coco Sweater by Dixie DIY  – This pattern comes in one size

Hemlock Tee by Grainline Studio – This pattern comes in one size and you need to subscribe to the newsletter.

Women’s Cowl Neck Hoodie by Me Sew Crazy

Morning Glory Top by Sarah Kirsten


Mexican-style Huipil by Alice & Co. Patterns for V&A

Sparrow Tee by Common Stitch 

Arrowsmith Undershirt by Thread Theory

Hera Wrap Top by Wardrobe by Me

Polly top by By Hand London

Vera Knit Top by Forget Me Not Patterns

Dawn Crop Top by Lauren Van Der Mast


Rosy Ladyshorts Underwear by Cloth Habit 

Maxine Highwaisted Panties by Evie La Luve

Noelle Halter and Underwear by Madalynne

Barette Bralette and Sierra Bralette by Madalynne

Raquel Bralette by Madalynne

Acacia undies by Megan Nielsen  – You’ll need to sign up for her newsletter

Bralette and String Set and Hipster Undies by Make Bra

Undies and Singlet by ‘So Zo…

Peachy Undies by Cool Stitches – there is an option to pay-what-you-want for the pattern


Snuggly Slipper Boots

Snuggly Slipper Boots by Tilly and the Buttons

Sorrento Bucket Hat

Sorrento Bucket Hat by Elbe Textile

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.12.28 pm.png
Fifi Eye Mask

Fifi Eye Mask by Tilly and the Buttons

City Wallet

City Wallet by SewAndrew


Harlow Pajamas by Charm Patterns by Gertie and it comes with a tutorial!


The Shell Pillow by Stitch Witch Patterns

Part 3: Sewing videos

Annika Victoria

I’ll just pop my favourite Youtuber up the top. Annika Victoria is Australian sewing Youtuber. I like her tutorials the best because she adds so much detail and explains techniques really well, and she’s also quite funny.

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 10.19.30 pm

With Wendy

With Wendy is a Youtuber from Canada who started by making sewing tutorials but who has now branched out into Thrift Flips and DIY videos. Everything she makes is aesthetically pleasing and calming, and her tutorials are quite easy to follow.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.33.44 pm


Coolirpa is a sewing Youtuber from the US. She specialises in alterations and Thrifted Transformations, where she updates clothes from secondhand stores into modern wearable pieces. While her videos aren’t great for creating copies of what she’s made, she’s great for inspiration and a rough idea of what you could make.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.30.17 pm.png

Good Housekeeping

I have linked here a playlist by Youtube channel Good Housekeeping which features a variety of sewing projects, including tutorials by Gertie (who is featured elsewhere in this list).

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 3.20.44 pm

Part 4: Sewing for a cause

Face masks

There are many, many, many face mask patterns out there now. Here are three versions.

Deaconess face masks

Pleated face mask

Deaconess, an American hospital has developed and released a pattern for reusable fabric face masks for the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also created a database of places accepting donations. I have not made this mask.

State the Label face masks

This is the pattern that I have used the most. I prefer them with ties, rather than elastic as it makes it quite a tight fit around the face, something that I have come to find comforting. I have found that the fit for these masks aren’t so tight with elastics, and it tends to move down the face. However, if you wear the mask upside-down this eliminates the slippage.

Cup-style face mask

3D face masks

Sewer Gwen Stella (@gwenstella.made) was where I first saw these masks, but Marie Koupparis (@stitchedodessy) made an English tutorial for this masks. These masks are more forgiving on different sized noses, encourage some fun fabric pattern combos and don’t tend to be as tight and restricting as the ‘cup-style’ face masks.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 3.45.16 pm
3D face mask

Cool the Vollies neckties


Australian Amy Kallissa started the Cool the Vollies Facebook page to provide cooling neckties for volunteers fighting bushfires. Special water crystals are required, which are available at gardening supply stores. However, I think they accept ties without crystals too.

Animal Rescue Craft Guild 


This Facebook group provides many patterns which are used to help injured animals. For example, bird nests, joey pouches and bat wraps. They also provide a list of what they need.

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