2019 Make Nine Recap

Here we are at the end of the year, and everyone is recapping their Make Nine. That includes me.

If you need a recap the Make Nine before this recap visit this post!



Things I made


Kalle shirt dress by Closet Case Patterns

I made it and I wrote about it!


Originally I was going to make it using this fabric here, but I discovered it was too narrow. I was determined to make this shirt so I raided all my fabric boxes and found a few things which would work. However, all the pieces were too small. Luckily this teacup fabric and the blue fabric matched perfectly, and I decided to do a mish-mash shirt dress. 


And, I’m not sure it was wholly successful. I’ve worn it once, and I’m not sure if it’s for winter or summer. I also think the style isn’t quite me, it’s too long. But, I don’t consider this a failure? Part of me is proud of it? I still like it and I consider it a win.


I have plans to make future Kalle shirts and crops (maybe with the Japanese fabric), just not dresses. 

Peppermint jumpsuit by In The Folds (provided free on the Peppermint Magazine website)

I also made this one, but I haven’t written about it yet. 


I love it. I’ve worn it a few times (I don’t want to over-wear it because it’s quite distinctive and people will notice). My only issue with it is that it’s made out of poly-crepe and it does not breathe, not ideal for 40 degree (Celcius) summer days we have. Also, I installed the pockets around my knees.  

Adrienne blouse by the Friday Pattern Company 

I made two, and I wrote a blog for Minerva.


It looks super fancy, and it’s easy to wear! Though I have trouble fitting the sleeves into jumpers and jackets for winter, and my partner laughs at me every time I wear it. I may or make not make more, but I like the ones I made. 

Picture 7


Almost there!

Zephyr dress by Deer & Doe patterns


I started making this at the beginning of the year with a friend, and I even wrote a post about it. But I stopped making this top and skirt because my sewing machine wasn’t cooperating with it. I couldn’t figure it out, as I could sew other things without a hitch. Until there was another hitch, and then another, and then I discovered how to dismantle the bobbin-holder bit of the sewing and cleaned it out. This was a week ago, and I’ll probably finish it soon! 


Butterick B6483 by Patterns by Gertie


I’ve traced and cut out the pattern for this dress, and I’m almost definitely, probably, plausibly going to make this dress after I finish the Zephyr dress, hopefully in time for Chinese New Year. I’m going to use the red chrysanthemum fabric because I have plenty of it in case I screw up (also red for Chinese New Year is very appropriate).



Things I didn’t make

Botanic trousers by Pauline Alice


As predicted, I did not get around to making these pants. I just didn’t feel enough passion about them to get around to it. I’m still on the quest for the perfect pattern for the look in my head. 

Opium coat by Deer & Doe patterns


For my birthday my partner bought we some sewing patterns which I got to choose. Initially I was going to buy the Opium coat, but eventually I decided against it as I thought I was more likely to use the Chataigne shorts or the Bleuet dress. Neither of which I have made. That’ll have to be for next year. 

Plantain t-shirt by Deer & Doe patterns


This pattern has been on my sewing list for a few years. I still intend to make it. It’s a good basic, which is the problem, because it doesn’t inspire me to make it. But I will make it one day. 

Retro Butterick B6318 


I didn’t make it. I got to the end of the year and I decided I could either make this pattern or the Gertie cheung-sam. So I chose the cheung-sam because Chinese New Year is around the corner and it would be nice (and appropriate) to have a new cheung-sam to wear. 


Other things I’ve made



In the update portion of the post I said I wanted to make cushions for our new apartment. I made most of one and decided I couldn’t be bothered. 

Toadstool dress


I finished it and I wrote about it!

And I wore it once. It’s not the kind of dress that I can wear everyday. 

Starry Night Skirt

Picture 16

When Minerva was asking for volunteers for Christmas makes I knew my time had come. I would finally make the skirt of my dreams. To read all about it head to Minerva, but to see the photo-essay I made click here.

Bum bags 

I did actually mention bum bags in the original Make Nine post, but the impetus for this make is a festival in March (My Chemical Romance is playing and I’m so excited). 


I made the grey one first using leftover fabric from my Kalle crop and the blue fabric from my Kalle shirt dress. The second one I made by accident. I was trying to find webbing for the first bum bag and I remembered I had put a backpack* in the waste fabric bin**. I found the backpack and was struck by inspiration! A doughnut bum bag! Anway, I couldn’t stop myself. As in I was thinking “I don’t need two bum bags, I should start the cheung-sam.” But I kept going. Anyway, it’s a quick make, complicated enough to be fun but not frustrating and it uses very little fabric, so great for scrap busting. AAAND it’s a free pattern (I have a round-up of a lot of free patterns here!).

*The backpack was a gift from my brother which I used for about a month until the zipper shredded, I tried to fix it but the fabric was not stable enough. However, it was cute doughnut fabric so I didn’t want to just throw it out because I am a hoarder. 

**Initially the waste fabric was going to be recycled, but I keep using it for stuffing, or to test, or to make smaller projects. 

The fabric ban

This year I moved out of home and was confronted with just how much fabric I hoarded. This prompted me to ban buying any fabric for a year, the exception being during my trip to Japan when all bets were off. How did I go? Pretty good! I bought a few pieces of flannelette to make bat wraps*** and a piece of faux leather for $2 because it seems interesting.


While in Japan I did buy a few pieces of fabric, but not as many as I had thought. I do have some plans for these but I’ll talk about that in my next post.


***Bat wraps are little sleeping wraps for baby bats that have lost their mum’s. After the devastating bushfires in New South Wales and Queensland lots of wild animals were injured and needed medical attention, and a lot of babies were orphaned. The Animal Rescue Craft Guild have developed a number of patterns to be used to provide shelter and comfort to these animals. The patterns are free and you can send anything you make to them to be distributed.


I’m impressed with how much I’ve done this year! I’ve made seven new things this year, three (four?) of which were on my Make Nine, I completed one additional project, and I have two more on the way (maybe I can finish one before 2020). 

However, looking at this it does tell me that I will probably not be making nine items each year. And that’s fine, I’m happy with what I’ve made and it is by no means a competition (or if it is I’m out). 


I’ve also been thinking about how I use my “making” time. I have this stubborn belief that I should make, or at least put together my own costumes. And I have two regular costume related events each year, plus any themed birthdays which come along. In the past I’ve made my costumes, which take a lot of time and energy. I love it, and people seem to appreciate it. But, these costumes get worn once or twice and then never again. If I’m only making seven things a year, do I want to spend my time on something I’ll wear once? I’ll probably still actively put together costumes and make any adjustments myself, but I think I might try to relax my standards slightly. For example, this year for Halloween I reused a cloak I had made for a Harry Potter costume and did a little makeup. Way easier than making four matching Ghostbusters costumes like I had planned to do.


I also get a few people asking me to make things for them and I outright say no. I’ll teach them if they like, but I’m incredibly unreliable at making things for people (especially within a time-frame). Also other people don’t realise that just because I sew doesn’t mean what I make good enough for someone else, especially if it’s something nice like a formal dress. I’m not exactly making my own formal dresses. 

Anyway, I’m now fired up to write next years Make Nine!

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